FINALLY after some requests. The one and ONLY pendant I think available. MOBY DICK and Capt. AHAB (he's looked much better not all drowned and tangled in the harpoon ropes) YES I even gave him a Peg leg.

The necklace loop is a whale harpoon. This is a very complex 4 part mold, very difficult and tedious labor getting all the parts together. Weighs over an ounce of sterling .925 silver. made in the USA by me in my Nevada studio.

Each one will be numbered with certificate and stamped USA .925 Sterling and hand signed by me with my GG logo and comes with a 22" black cord necklace.

This measures 3 1/2" long!!!!! (length of a standard business card) 3" whale and 1/2" necklace loop.

Because I add the ropes individually, no two of these will be exactly alike. ALSO they are made per order so I need a few days to cast, polish and ship. Scroll down to see how its made and to purchase. :)

UPDATE! I added silver TEETH to the whale. This prevents the lower jaw from bending and also makes MOBY look MEAN!

Moby Dick and Ahab

Sterling silver with necklace and certificate (Free shipping)


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