Located on the south shore of Long Island NY with views of Fire Island and the great south bay, the artist colony is quiet, full of nature and wildlife. Largely unchanged since the 1800's most homes here still look the same as they did when they were built.

The artist colony was originally the service quarters for the mansion owned by the Vanderbuilts. That mansion is now a College just down the road.

It is more common to see wildlife such as ducks, foxes, raccoons and even a variety of hawks in your front yard then to see a vehicle drive by. 

This crow would stop by my window and sit on a stick by my jewelry bench and make a racket till I gave him some snacks. We took care of a displaced baby raccoon till he got big enough to let go in a protected reserve here in NY.

The historic artist colony dating back centuries has been home to world renowned artists and Hollywood movie stars.

Casting is done here in the USA from American silver from USA silver sources. Every piece is unique, numbered and hand signed once approved. 

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Someone's been eating from my garden! That's OK he's allowed.



Laurence taking his nap

HUBERT my house mouse and the inspiration for the SWISS CHEESE ring I created
Abandoned and alone, I found this robin as a newborn baby and hand fed and raised her to adulthood. She was released in a protected oceanside preserve where large groups of Robins lived. I tought her to eat worms by wiggling spaghetti on the ground and helped her learn to fly. She would fly around the neighborhood and come back to the house and slept on my shoulder.

Huberts dinner

Crayfish rescue. She LOVES fruit. She's a VEGAN!

This is Lucy, Rickey, Fred and Ethel.
They were born here and now roam the hood with new homes and would often visit for some good eats.

NEW born cuties

When I'm not casting, Im always making sure I care for the wildlife. Me before I got a hair cut!
Waiting by the window!
First come first served!

She flew in and decided to take a nap on my TOE!

To see the shrew who lives under my stairs? (CLICK HERE)

I said its a mole on the video but its a shrew. My bad!