NEW! Rainforest Tree Frog
Solid .925 sterling silver, Artist signed. Weighing in at 1 1/4 ounce, this tree frog is made so it is looks like its on you. The necklace bale is also designed to look like the croaking throat of the frog. This is a heavy dramatic pendant (not a little charm). 
A necklace is available as an option (see below)
Proceeds will be donated to reinsofrest preservation foundations
Sterling silver TREE FROG pendant
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Soft black rubber
and sterling silver
necklace 20" - $9.99
Elegant keepsake gift box with magnetic hidden clasp
Most people have various or favorite necklaces in different lengths.
"lets face it we all have necklaces someplace right ?"
For this reason and to keep costs down, we offer a necklace and gift box as an option.
The newest pendant in our Rainforest line of castings. This tropical tree frog will lay on the necklace as if its giving you a hug with all 4 feet. The necklace bale is also the croaking frogs throat. A very large dramatic pendant.