Gunther Grant's unique designed line of jewelry is like no other, using ONLY the highest quality .925 sterling silver from United States mines as well as melting and casting with sterling silver from Tiffany & Co, Gorham, Reed and Barton, Lunt and other well known sterling silver pieces.
See warning below about cadmium in silver jewelry.
Gunther Grant designed jewelry is cast in the USA!


Keeping quality high and keeping the pricing very competitive. This assures you the BEST castings at the best prices.
Gunther Grant designed
SKULL bracelet
Solid sterling silver trademarked.
Chunky - Heavy - Primative Cast
Soldered links - Heavy clasp.
Solid Sterling Silver!
SPECIAL 1/2 OFF only $400.00

When you place an order, you will be contaced by Gunther Grant to discuss any special requests or ring sizes. Your purchase makes you one of Gunther Grant's family of art collectors.

Every skull is individually stamped .925, Sterling, USA, GG logo, Hand signed and hand numbered

Scroll images to see how I do it


WARNING about Cadmium silver from foreign nations.
GUGR only uses USA mined silver from regulated sources.
ebay, etsy, Amazon and most other online sellers posts Warnings about silver jewelry marked STERLING or .925
The warning is about silver marked STERLING and .925 from overseas. Many items are plated and stamped sterling 925 only to find the plate wears off weeks later. Most of the cadmium produced today is obtained from zinc byproducts and recovered from spent nickel-cadmium batteries. An alarming amount of Jewelry from overseas has been produced using cadmium (old batteries) and exported to the USA. For info on this, GOOGLE: "cadmium jewelry scam" or "ebay silver warning"
NEW! Sterling silver, 18k gold skull and 18k gold links.
Special order only


Wrap a string around your wrist so its flat, not loose. Then add 1" should get your size. A 6 1/2" wrist would require a 7 1/2" bracelet
For longer or custom lengths or requests please contact me.
Sterling Silver Skull Pendant
same as the skull in my bracelets with the additon of a BONE as the chain loop that is cast with the skull as one piece STRONG and HEAVY. (necklace sold separately)
Single Skull Pendant: 59.00
Sterling Silver ZOMBIE Brains
The loop is cast in for strength
Large Brain 1 1/2" wide $69.00
Medium Brain 1 1/4" wide $59.00
Small Brain 3/4" wide $29.00
20" black leather and sterling
necklace - $12.00
20" Very thin (ladies) sterling